Have you ever wondered if your existing information solutions are still efficient and competitive enough? Because changes in the field of information systems and tools have never been as rapid as they are today, it's necessary to constantly keep up with innovations, or else catching up on lost productivity might be challenging.

Providers of Accounting Software

This is the final article in a series about the foundations of productivity and automation in accounting. We've already covered topics such as Digitalization in Accounting and Adapting Business Processes in Accounting Services, as well as Conversions and Imports in Accounting. In January, we also invite you to a highly interesting free seminar where we will delve deeper into this topic and have a candid discussion about the best approaches.

Although there has always been a variety of accounting software providers, there are currently quite a few quality providers in Slovenia. The trend of corporate takeovers has had some effect, where larger entities acquire smaller providers, but nonetheless, there are still ample choices.

Even if you chose a specific provider years ago, it shouldn't be a reason for stagnation. When you find some time in the month, take the opportunity to explore beyond your current setup. What does the competitive provider offer? What functionalities, innovations, advantages compared to your current system? Naturally, you should also realistically assess what you and your clients need. Of course, the principle still applies – not everything that glitters is gold, every system has its pros and cons – it's up to you to test them and evaluate them.

Habit – A Double-Edged Sword

From an efficiency standpoint, habits can certainly be positive – at least in theory and to a certain extent. Once you get accustomed to using a specific software, you can achieve a high level of efficiency... You know all its tricks, learn all the shortcuts, adapt your workflow, and even provide feedback to developers.

But still... software needs to be seen as a dedicated tool. In a time of rapid changes in the business environment, it's easy for something that used to serve its purpose well and still flawlessly completes its tasks to become less functional today. Just think about fax machines. And if you think this is a completely different story – reconsider when technology has changed most rapidly. When if not today (and tomorrow).

By the way, this topic (and others in the series) will also be part of the FREE SEMINAR we're organizing in January.

Maybe it's true that your software is receiving all the necessary legal updates. However, some might further simplify and handle much more of the work on your behalf, as well as on behalf of bookkeepers and accountants. Of course, not everything and a magical button still doesn't exist... but undeniable progress is happening.

By the way – don't be like an accountant who, during the presentation of the functionalities of a modern solution for converting fintech data, waved it off claiming they had it sorted out for 30 years... how, when there was no fintech 30 years ago??

Not One Program, But a Combination of Leading Solutions

If we use another saying – don't put all your eggs in one basket. This applies to software solutions and systems you use as well. Very few providers – especially in Slovenia – offer such a comprehensive range of systems and solutions as required by modern business practices (with digitalization and the need for extensive integration at the forefront).

If your accounting work is entirely dependent on a single solution, you are quite limited, inflexible, and vulnerable. Yet, you're not harnessing the full potential of digitalization and functioning in a modern business environment. The latter is far more comprehensive than just an ERP system.

Believe me, even in the realm of software, there are leaders for each specific area – in other words, leading providers whose capabilities and functionalities can far exceed those of a general provider.

Data Security and Protecting Your Work

Finally, let's touch on the aspect of security. In accounting services, the data you work with is highly sensitive.

The development of DigiAce is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
The development of DigiAce is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, with a financial support of EUR 54,000 under the P2 2022 call.
 The aim of DigiAce is to automate the import of statements and transactions when dealing with FinTech providers. This promotes the transition to digital and more efficient business operations and encourages the recruitment of high value-added staff.
Short description of the results of the operation:
The operation has developed, refined and commercialised a web application for the conversion of business data through FinTech providers and its direct import into accounting and ERP software. In addition, we have developed and integrated the Bankconnect module, which allows a significantly simplified direct retrieval of bank statements also from traditional banks. Within the project, we have prepared the basics for building an API interface for more modern integration with other applications. In addition, the project implemented a number of other solutions, such as integration with the CRM system, integration with the payment and subscription system (Stripe) and a multilingual website - including a back-end multilingual interface (application).